Happy 2021 GHOSTSOUNDSWOODNOISE#20 mix by chra

today 12oclock AM cet new Episode of #ghostsoundswoodnoise on Radio Teslafm on air

soon on Mixcloud as well


xambuca/whalewiper – kammio 
Ikuko morozumi – menarik 
chra – venezia blu – torcello 
kritzkom – the shore 
chra – MLTDW – Ressurexit Hörstadt Labor Linz – Zacherlfabrik 
Julia Reidy – Vanish – Oh Boy – Editions Mego 
Datewithdeath – Lung 
Mouse on Mars – Owai 

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music for the isolated ❤

Heather Leigh – Island 
Distance 1_T3 – Rainier Lericolais, Philippe Lamy, Laurent Guérel (Lockdown 1) Version Def
Distance 1_T4 – Chra, Mokuhen Day 2 (Lockdown 1) 
Distance 1_T7 – Senglar Lday1 (Lockdown 1)
Distance 1_T11 – Méryll Ampe Reflexion (Lockdown 1).1
Distance 2_T1 – Attractions IIa (version courte 4)
Distance 2_T4 – Fissure 
Distance 2_T10 – CHRA GREAT Day 51, 53 (NOISE )
Distance 2_T11 – Discipline – Je pleure sur des synthétiseurs (pour Isabelle Mayereau)
Distance 3_T03 – Kevin Gironnay, Mokuhen Dim, 15-41, Part2
Distance 6_T09 – julienbeau_in_nomine_diaboli
Distance 8_T1 Clairiere de la Therouanne
Distance 9_ T06 CHRA NEBIIM – Voice Harmony & constellation (miette a geometrie variable)

Distance « Distances » – Tsuku Boshi Crew Project


Distance “Distances” – Tsuku Boshi Crew Project

lucky to participate in this wonderful project

Tsuku Boshi Records

Distance “Distances” (English version below)

Distance n’est pas un groupe.

C’est un moment partagé entre les artistes du label Tsuku Boshi pendant ce premier trimestre de confinement, chacun dans son pays, son “chez-soi”, ses habitudes, ses horaires, sa résilience, son envie de faire ou trouver des sons..

Ont participé : Chra, Sébastien Roux, Méryll Ampe, Olivier Meyer, Kevin Gironnay, Maia Francisco, Laure Boer, Ceci Castro, Hogo, Senglar, Julien Beau, Yolabmi, Leafcutter John, En Creux, Rainier Lericolais, Philippe Lamy, Rodolphe Alexis, Daniel Cabanzo, Discipline, Areng Demontfaucon, Mokuhen, Ban, Anti-Gris, Fono, Braille, P.F. Great, Av3Ry, Nebiim, Masashi Isai, Peter Maximowitsch, Julien Vincenot, Loalue, François Dumeaux, Tout Croche, Gaapiiiii, Jonathan Gillie, Laurent Guérel

Pas de règles spécifiques, uniquement une démarche de partage de sonorités ou de morceaux finalisés, comme des petites correspondances.. Chacun choisit son rythme, son axe … Certains envoient de façon quotidienne des sonorités, certains restent silencieux pour ensuite proposer plusieurs morceaux…

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chra at claim the waves friday july10th

claim the waves feministische radiotage

ffull playlist:

tujiko noriko – make me hard 

chra Enge 

minit – music II 

shelley parker – railings

pasajera oscura – minus77 

cherry sunkist – airports

mira Calix – ms meteo 

chra und tsuku boshi 

AGF louji

Electric Indigo ferrum 7

Irradiation – Lakes of Light

Andrea Parker – Grief 

Björk  – Declare Independence 

kritzkom – the shore

France Jobin – Death is perfection, everything else is relative – 03 soar 

ikuko morozumi – norhing 

chra – cast(oro) 



Chra is the alter ego of the Viennese author, DJ, music addict and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. After a period of experimenting with low frequencies and noise effects, chra started to work on sine waves processed through a tape recorder and other analogue and digital tools to allude to landscapes, territories, silence and extraordinary and extreme situations. She is member of Shampoo Boy and PASAJERA OSCURA.  chra is part of female:pressure network and  runs her own queer and feminist music label comfortzone.
2019 Preis für Musik der Stadt Wien

LP/DL EditionsMego EMEGO285 http://editionsmego.com/release/EMEGO-285-1

At once designed and falling apart SEAMONS is rough and crude, a stumbling and staggering electronic expedition where nothing presents itself explicit in intent. It’s a tense obscure record that teases you into it’s peculiar vortex from it’s suggestive nature of exploring the enigma beyond it’s haunted facade.

VICIOUS WATER REGIMES stutters along as an ‘ugly’ mass of grey electronica. CAST(O)RO shines from light from the depths with it’s occasional foray into glistening tones. COLONIA MARINA SERENELLA is a dank squelching backdrop for a dark age. CAST twists tension with flickering electronics chaotic in their perpetual design of order confronting inevitable collapse. LET SHARKS SLEEP is not only a great title but a mind tickling adventure of descending/rising digital dance that builds in intensity with it’s relentless repetition. WIDOW WALKS gallops and creaks along a path veiled in whispers. ENGE lunges through time with an air of deep uncertainty. SEAMONS hovers on the outskirts, crawling out of the speakers with endless surprising turns, few of them comfortable.

SEAMONS is progressive ambient, not the kind that makes you escape, but rather one you can’t escape from. SEAMONS crawls into the very guts of sound to uncover and unravel the uneasy and unsettling underbelly within.

on a fateful morning …
LP/DL EditionsMego EMEGO244 http://editionsmego.com/release/EMEGO244 https://soundcloud.com/editionsmego/cognitive-ease 

On her latest release, chra aka Christina Nemec is sketching out a psychogeographical map, that guides you to the border of the internal and external world – ‘on a fateful morning’ lets you enter a sphere where the imaginary and the subliminal cross. Evoking abstract images that transcend reality, chra installs an autarchic time-and-space-continuum of vague, nocturnal beauty. Pastose bass drones, airy ambient synths and processed audio-samples form a hypnotic stream that lets you enter an altered state of mind. By subtly intertwining musical and non musical sounds chra is weaving an intensely atmospheric, poetic tableau of emptied spaces left to our imagination. It’s the pulse of arcane memories that is filling these sonic landscapes, operating deep within our subconscious. 

Digital EditionsMego EMEGO244X
Collection of exclusive remixes of tracks from the chra albums ‘Empty Airport’ and ‘on a fateful morning’ previously released on Editions Mego.

Empty Airport
LP/DL Editions Mego EMEGO208
Release date: May 11 / Morr editionsmego.com/release/EMEGO-208 soundcloud.com/editionsmego/chra-luminiscent-emego-208 

First Terrace Records C2 chra – red robin
EMEGO244 LP chra – on a fateful morning
JSE04 chra – a wounded deer leaps highest
Releases 2016
JBX005 7″ pita&chra Cynthia
cz028 – when suddenly the ground shakes ….
Releases 2015
12“ EP cz023 Shirley M EP comfortzone
12“ LP BEB039 SHAMPOO BOY – Crack – BlackestEverBlack
12“ LP eMego208 chra – empty airport – editionsMego
ARELL#003 chra- until heat will tear us apart – postcard
tracks for various compilations: Girls Alive (modismo netlabel), Tantric Supersonic (Susuultrarock Rec)
2016: Exhibitons Spectral Sounds, Take Festival, …
Die Gebrochenheit, Barbara Kapusta & Christina Nemec/Chra, 21er Haus/Belvedere Vienna, 30.11.2016
2009/2010 Performance: THE GUN IS STILL LOADED with Lydia Lunch and Mia Zabelka Performance: BATTLE SCARS with Lydia Lunch and Mia Zabelka
2011 chra – TWELVE that matter – 12 short compositions / a commission of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF and IGNM (Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik) in order to pay tribute to women inspiring my thoughts and ideals: virginia woolf, käthe leichter, miriam makeba, alice walker, delia derbyshire, phoolan devi, tine plesch, johanna dohnal, gabriele michalitsch, ceija stojka, wendy carlos and buffy sainte-marie.
2012: the APP (soundtrack: white zombie, 1932) Part of Festival für extensive Kunst – CUBE RE:Composed Arbeiterinnenlieder
2013 – AGORA II (Theater Garage X) w Schorsch Kamerun, Ana Threat, Philipp Quehenberger und Sebastian Janata)
2015 nominated by musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst as SHAPE artist 

2015: V.A. girls alive compilation – track territories – modismo netlabel 2014: Remix Black Country Blues – Phal:Angst
2014: Shampoo Boy – 12″ Nebel/Nadel (Substance Records)
2014: chra – snowbird (wire tapper 34) 

2013: Shampoo Boy – Licht (BEB)
2013: chra remix – drag (crystal soda cream)
2012: chra – sonic travel diary (hörstadt linz)
2012: chra & Mathias Schaffäuser – Nice2havefriends – ware
2012: chra – der mann das ist ein lustobjekt (Re:Composed)
2012: first fatal kiss – go! go! go! (chra-cover)
2011: Greie Gut Fraktion – Rekonstruktion Baustelle (remix) 2011: TWELVE that matter – limited edition cz014 comfortzone 2011: chra – von der liebe ep remixed by mathias schaffhäuser – cz010 comfortzone
2009: chra – derive 12“ album – cz001 comfotzone
2009: chra – track: before – autark 10 2009: chra – track: hectic night – cdrom- projekt: dig me out 2008: chra – Verstreichen download EP auf http://www.autark-
net.org 2008: Mopedrock! – 10“EP 2008: Orlanding the dominant CD – eine queere Burlesque mit Gustav, SV DAMENKRAFT & Sissy Boyz 2008: dvd female pressure – dvd-compilation 2006: women take back the noise – compilation 2006: open sounds: vienna – compilation 2006: remixing the bundeshymne – compilation 


thank you for inspiring me …

S t r u m a + i o d i n e

Hello, how are you?
Burdened, privileged and depressed
Been working in home-office since March 13th

Where are you right now?
In our country-home in Waldviertel which I love, but not loving to be stuck


Which sounds surround you?
Birds, plenty of – as i still feed them

Have you been productive so far? What are you working on?
Doing schemes and sounds daily and send to some pool of friends and colleagues

What inspires you right now?
Unfortunately my depression

Reading material you can recommend? 
The work and the life of Maria Callas

Listening material? 
France Jobin and Klara Lewis
Watching material?
Giacinto Scelsi

What’s your opinion on live-streams? You see any alternative ways to support the music community?
Not watching live-streams, it’s too exhausting

What are you missing most? What are you afraid of?
Still of sleeplessness and death
What will change you think?
Not sure, but i…

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chra – MOVIMIENTO ViennaUndergroundTraxx


“Movimiento” sind 4 bedrohliche Ambient Stücke von chra. Inspiriert von Giacinto Scelsi, erforscht chra verschiedene Bewegungen durch treffsichere Improvisation.

Inspired by the work of Giacinto Scelsi, chra created 4 looming ambient pieces for Vienna Underground Traxx. On “Movimiento”, chra explores different types of movement, through meticulous improvisation.


released May 1, 2020

Mastered by Paul Machek
Cover by Ronja Kappl